Welcome to the Good Griever blog site! Here you will find information, resources and tools to help you through grief, whether you are brand new to grief or have been living with it for years. You may also be a professional wanting to learn more about grief to enhance the work that you already do. Come back and visit regularly. Leave your comments. Ask a question. Join the conversation. In grief, there is always something new to learn and share with others.

As a bereaved mom of a daughter who committed suicide in 2005 at the age of twenty-two, the idea for this blog was born from my continued desire to help other grievers. Having spent years on a quest to find answers and inner peace after the most devastating loss of my life, I remain passionate about sharing information and tools with other grievers to learn from them and help them on their own healing journey. Having friends alongside to share this often crazy path navigating the world of grief has been my greatest comfort and joy. I hope it will be for you too. You can read more about what I do at www.vonnesolis.com.

Years ago, when my daughter died, this type of public space wasn’t available. Only chat rooms were, where you had to become a member and sign in to post a comment in a closed forum. Not anymore. Today, we can freely participate online and spread the word instantaneously to  educate others about what grief is really like. Not only does this empower grievers about our needs and rights, but it also contributes to a much needed shift in cultural awareness that can lead to better support systems for the bereaved becoming available. Everyone is or one day will be a griever. We need to start talking more openly about loss (including difficult deaths) and grief.

In June 2018, I gave a presentation at the first ever conference for the bereaved in Ottawa, Canada. My topic was Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Grief. The room was packed. Along with the organizers and other presenters at the conference, it was clear to us all that people want and need information about grief. They just need to feel safe, respected and courageous enough to vocalize their needs.

As an Angel Healing Practitioner, sharing wisdom channeled by the angels to help people empower themselves through any challenge or circumstance that has knocked them to the ground has been my passion since 2006. As such, I will regularly share tips, resources and tools on a variety of topics related to grief to inform, inspire and empower each reader through the many struggles we face as grievers. As an author, I will provide updates on upcoming books and publication dates and any promotions that may be available and point you to other resources and teachers that may also be of help.

Feel free to post your comments and questions. Let’s get this conversation started.