Hope for the Holidays!

Like most people around the world who are celebrating a major holiday this month (for me it’s Christmas), we all could use a little hope. Nothing is the same for any of us this year. Maybe it won’t be ever again, as cliché as this sounds. Millions of people have been affected by the pandemic and reeling from the various losses and struggles they are experiencing as a direct result of it. It’s easy to lose hope and see only the bad in everything when we are hurting and afraid.

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Lost in Translation: Why We Don’t Talk About Death

I lost an extended family member recently. Attending the funeral brought back lots of memories. None good. Burying my daughter, father and mother in relatively rapid succession (every two and a half years) and being directly responsible for making the arrangements for my daughter and mom was difficult. Horrifying for my daughter actually, who died by suicide. Stressful and somber for my mom who died naturally, but also unexpectedly.

Funeral homes seem to be the only place it feels acceptable for us to talk about death outside of initial condolences. At this recent funeral, I was reminded how freely we can talk about where one may have gone in death. How comforting it is remembering the deceased loved one’s life with both sorrow and levity. How natural it is to contemplate (if only briefly) what life now means for loved ones left behind and the strength it takes to physically let go of our deceased.

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Got Crap? Rewind…Be Kind

Are you currently surrounded by anyone taking their out stress out on you? Are you inadvertently taking your stress out on others? Being on the receiving end of anyone’s frustrations and anger is not pleasant; even less so when conflict arises between strangers, work mates or any other situation where you find yourself the brunt of someone’s bruising (conflict in the family is a whole other conversation).

With all the horrible stuff going on in the world combined with the intense pace at which most people live, stress is a given. All you have to do is go out your front door to see the fatigue and unhappiness on so many people’s faces.

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