When I first became bereaved in 2005, after the suicide of my daughter, I felt powerless, confused and distrustful of everything. My entire world had fallen apart. I had no idea how I would ever live without my child and was terrified something else really bad would happen to my family. I couldn’t imagine what I would be able to ever do again that would feel worthwhile. I felt isolated because of how different I now felt from everyone else and in pain so extreme, I didn’t think I would survive it.

But I did survive. And more importantly, I’m starting to truly live again after experiencing genuine healing through a process I can’t wait to share with others.

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PTSD: The Strange but Wonderful Effects of the Global Pandemic

It’s no secret anymore that I live with PTSD (so glad I came out of that closet a couple of years ago). Millions of people do. And within the context of living with PTSD that struck me when my daughter died in 2005, this world pandemic has taught me something really strange, but also wonderful. It’s given me a new start. And what I’ve learned may apply to other people who were already struggling with PTSD, heightened anxiety or unrelenting stress in our earlier “normal” times.

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