Are You Stuck in the Past and Want More for Your Life?

Any life event that has uprooted you in some way may be keeping you stuck in pain. This could be from a childhood trauma or as an adult, the loss of a loved one, relationship, job, money, health, lifestyle or friends. Pain is pain, no matter where it comes from. It can feel just as devastating for everyone, dependent on what we are here to experience.

Because my most impacting life event has been the loss of my child, which is one that many people fear the worst tragedy of all, I am at ease being with anyone in their suffering. I just don’t want to stay there. Which is why I’ve dedicated my life since my daughter died filling whatever gap I see as necessary with the knowledge and experience I have to help others heal. And I love what I do! The more I learn, the more I love to share.

There is a theme to our life

We all have a theme to our soul contract. Certainly, while loss and suffering is a major one in my life, so too is healing and consciously evolving. Before my daughter died in 2005, I was successful at manifesting whatever I wanted and needed in my life, having worked with spiritual and metaphysical principles for 25 years. After she died, I lost my identity. I was traumatized, confused, alone and desperate to find answers for her choosing her death, and how I could ever end my suffering.

Over the years, I came to understand that for anyone struggling with pain, it is through an evolved consciousness that we heal. It is in this I found both passion and purpose in understanding loss and emotional suffering on a much deeper level and sharing what I learn with others. Any physical fixes, while helpful to a point, are temporary. It is awareness of our need to evolve and heal, and what we choose to do with the knowledge that comes our way, that is the true catalyst for change.

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We can all flourish

There isn’t one of us on this planet that doesn’t have the opportunity to flourish in consciousness in our respective environments, if we so choose. But we need the right knowledge and tools to guide us. Which means knowing what we need and what to do with the information for where we are in our personal growth and healing.

Some people may believe they don’t require any healing at all because they are not conscious of their suffering. I’d argue it would be rare to find anyone who doesn’t require healing in some way on this planet. After all, that’s part of why we are here. Initially then, one’s understanding of healing may have to change where it hasn’t been made obvious from a significant life event or challenges.

I’ll be the first to admit some of the knowledge I’ve gained, particularly in my bereavement, has taken years to reach me because I haven’t been ready for it. There were other things I needed to learn first to help me grow and heal in stages. Which is true for all of us. As aware beings, we are required to do something with knowledge that makes sense to us whenever we feel out of balance. That is, if we are choosing to evolve. For anyone in pain, the optimal choice will always be to heal in some way because we did not choose to be on this planet only to suffer or stay stagnant in our thinking.

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Pain keeps us stuck

However, it is also true that pain can keep us from not wanting to allow or even admit to anything good that may be happening in our lives. There are various reasons for this, not least the desire on some level to prolong our suffering.

The good news is that when we open ourselves up to healing and know we are deserving of it, the right resources will always come our way. You’ll know the difference between this type of information and information that doesn’t feel as life-changing. It excites us and makes us feel hopeful we can have a different future as we begin to understand ourselves in a new way and want more for our life. Which is the entire point of evolving.

Releasing ourselves from anything that has us feeling stuck takes courage. It also is entirely dependent on what we think and believe. Every negative thought we have arises from some fear that a hurt from the past is still threatening us in some way. Because our brain has been designed to always keep us safe (enter its threat systems that keep us alert to danger) and we don’t yet have the conscious control to change its functioning, change isn’t as easy as it may seem. This is also probably one of the reasons people get frustrated when they don’t see the changes they want in their lives happening as quickly as they expect.

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Changing what we think and believe from the mostly overriding fearful thoughts we have requires discipline and practice. My journey to heal and that of millions of people who have come through what others fear would be their worst nightmare (we all have one despite what we’ve already gone through) is proof that with knowledge, the right tools and courage, anyone can conquer just about anything. In fact, it’s our toughest experiences that help us evolve.

One thing that has helped me find the courage to keep going is remembering we are all growing as humans together. We may have different losses and challenges, but there are only so many emotions to go around amidst the suffering we endure. In this, we really aren’t that much different from each other.

For further help or simple relaxation, enjoy this short visual meditation.

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