Inner Creation First

Many people come into this world believing they are undeserving of their true worth, goodness and love. The more we understand that true power comes from within, the more powerful we become. One of the most important concepts to understand when working with intention and manifestation is that there is enough in the world to go around. For everyone. We only have to tap into this wealth of abundance that the universe provides by honoring our worthiness and staying open to receiving the overflow of abundance that is out there to claim. And then claim it!


Of course you have to know what you want to claim anything!

Creating outcomes from vague intentions can be done, but the results will vary. To consistently ensure the outcome you want (being mindful to stay flexible throughout the process), it is important to align with your inner power (worth) from which all else flows. How do you do this? By regularly engaging in the following three practices:

1. Explore all limiting thoughts and beliefs holding you back.

2. Change your thinking.

3. Commit to transforming your life.

Give it a try now. Remembering you are manifesting inner power first, from which all external manifestations will then easily flow to you, choose an intention related to something you want to change within. For example, if you want to be more forgiving, set the intention to feel forgiveness for all that is upsetting you right now. If you want to feel less angry, intend to dissolve all anger within or related to a specific situation or person. If you want to be more loving, set an intention to open your heart to feel more love.

Using this last intention as an example on how to intend: Repeat the following statement to yourself quietly or aloud ten times each morning for this one week: “I intend to open my heart to begin to feel more love, now.” Don’t overthink the process, but do keep your intention in mind throughout this seven day period. Then notice what happens. The outcome may be a gentle change in how you feel or see things, or you may experience a life-changing event. It may fall somewhere in the middle where an inner change is subtle, but noticeable.

Not wanting to focus on only one intention or stop intending altogether (practice makes perfect), below are examples of other empowering qualities you may choose to work on to help optimize your inner power:

Acceptance , Authenticity, Courage, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Happiness, Healing
, Honesty, Inclusiveness, Integrity
, Joyfulness, Peace, 
Responsibility, Strength
, Trust and Unconditional Love.

As you become more comfortable with intending and start to feel in sync with your inner power, many examples of physical manifestations will flow to you easily. This is a universal law, as energy responds to energy of the same vibration. You’ll learn more about this in other posts.

As an additional resource, you may enjoy the guided meditation Dissolve All Resistance to Change to help you claim your true worth and continually tap into the endless possibilities that are available to ensure you manifest the changes you want for your life.

Live well.