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I just moved into the condo of my aspirations. I won’t say dreams, but I will say the aspiration I had for the past two years to live in a condo with an ocean view in the city I have come to love on Vancouver Island. My husband and I moved to the island in 2016, but to a city that wasn’t on our radar. But by a force of nature that I couldn’t compete with, and despite not understanding the reasons for the events that occurred to bring us where we are today, I now understand it all and couldn’t be any happier or feel more at peace. Which says a lot, speaking as a bereaved mom who has not felt at total peace for years.

While I have always been able to appreciate and feel grateful for those things that have transpired in my life, when things happen to challenge us that don’t make sense, it can be frustrating and even depressing. While I was grateful for the one bed/bath condo we bought in the heart of downtown, with it’s beautiful mountain view, the harbour out our back door, a two-mile seawalk to enjoy, a central park, cafés, restaurants, shops, live theatre and float planes to Vancouver, I still wasn’t aligned with the peaceful environment I craved. Events had transpired to seemingly take me way off course again. Much like it has often felt throughout my grief.

Nanaimo harbour

Fast forward two years: a nudge in July to kick start the real estate hunt just to see what was out there, led us to purchase what feels like my forever home, with the added bonus (to our delight) of many of the characteristics we’ve enjoyed in every other home we’ve lived in, displayed in various forms in this one perfect space. There’s the high ceilings I love and never thought possible in a condo. The water view I longed for. The prow my husband wanted (who knew you could get that in a condo)? I can hear the birds again (we previously lived on 10 acres and I missed the sound of nature). The balcony that’s large enough to comfortably enjoy, yet still roomy enough for that container garden I’ve wanted. We’re on the top floor, and did I mention how quiet it is? While living downtown had its perks, the trade-off for us was the noise we had to contend with from the planes, buses, loud cars and motorcycles, people and seagulls (bless their little caws) and pollution. Here, we can breathe. Not to mention gaze at the ocean, islands and mountains that lie across the Georgia strait.

My new view – Winchelsea Islands

I share this new creation of ours for two reasons. One, I did not realize the extent to which my health was suffering living in a busy and noisy environment, despite how cozy and peaceful the interior of our home felt. I only realized this the moment we sold our condo and how relieved I was to be leaving. You too, could be living in a toxic environment and experiencing the negative effects of people, places or things that are affecting your health in various ways (stress, anxiety, illness, major dissatisfaction). If this is the case, by simply being aware of any imbalance, know that you have the power to change things up. Which brings me to my second point. Despite what you may think, you can manifest anything you want from the heart – sometimes in record time, when you have a sincere, heartfelt desire for change.

While my life is so intertwined with the angels and spirit loved ones, especially my daughter, I never try to do anything on my own. In this adventure, we for sure had help from beyond. The fact that we sold our condo on the 13th anniversary of my daughter’s death, and bought our new condo without hassle, despite an already accepted offer on it (those buyers really wanted it too), is proof enough for me. I got out of the way and let the powers that be do their thing. Additionally, the former owners of our new home moved on to their new space. The people that bought our former condo had previously lived in the building and wanted to return, so it was a win-win everyone. Which is how manifesting is supposed to work!

While I’ll have lots more to say on manifesting and health, for now, this sharing is all about bringing awareness to the fact that there is a strong correlation between our environment and health and that change is ALWAYS possible, no matter what it looks like today.

Photo credits: Vonne Solis / Feature Image

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