Manifesting with the Divine

I mentioned in my post Understanding the Brain how the angels gifted me the practice of Divine Healing, and taught me that manifesting inner changes first, creates lasting abundance in all areas of our life. When I speak of the Divine it is always in reference to the angelic realm. For you, it may be something else. My interpretation of anything Divine is that which we have great faith in that represents the supreme characteristics of Source. That entity we may call God or something else.

To provide a little background, I was new to understanding angels when my daughter died by suicide in July 2005. A few months earlier, I’d started to expand my curiosity about them after I bought my sister a book about angels for her birthday.

Intrigued, I bought myself a card deck and the same book I gave my sister, but other than taking a general interest in angels and experiencing a few undeniably weird occurrences that I thought were really cool, I didn’t think much more about them. In fact, I seriously questioned the likelihood that angels were real, despite my experiences (things appearing out of nowhere, explicit messages). Looking back, I can see I was being set up for my immediate future.

When my daughter died suddenly, the angels were the first (and basically only) resource I turned to for comfort and help. I bought more books, card decks, communed with them daily, signed up for an online course and nine months later, traveled to Southern California to certify as an Angel Therapy Practitioner with Doreen Virtue (she has since moved on to other teachings). As soon as I returned home, having dedicated my life’s work to being a channel for the angels, I established my healing practice and started writing my first book Divine HealingTransforming Pain into Personal Power; much of which was channeled to me by the angels and my daughter, who was by my side every step of the way. It took five years to write and publish and I’ve never looked back. Everything I’ve done since then has been in service and with a purpose to share with others all that I’ve learned from the angels about the power of Divine healing.

Despite the hardships of parental bereavement, several subsequent family losses and personal challenges that at times I thought too hard to bear, the angels have guided and protected me. They’ve taught me, loved me and shown me above all and throughout my loneliest times that I can trust in their ability to not only be with me, but everyone 24/7.

Angel Visits

I’ve been blessed to have angels physically visit me five times: three through human intervention and twice seen as sparkling lights (my husband witnessed two of these visits). Each time, we both knew I was having an extraordinary experience. I’ve also had thousands of encounters with angels over the past fifteen years every time I’ve channeled their messages for others or they’ve answered the numerous requests I’ve made for their help in some way.

In 2007, when I participated at a wellness fair over four days where I did readings for people and gave a daily talk on how to work with angels, I was a bit alarmed when at the end of each presentation it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. I thought the audience perhaps didn’t approve of my topic, until after a moment or two, hands flew into the air and a robust question and answer period followed. People were interested and wanted to know more.

While I work specifically with the realm of archangels in everything from grief and pain recovery to finding lost objects, I can assure you that the assistance of angels in any form in any area of our lives is the best you can get. While taking nothing away from the wonderful contribution and support of all of us humans working to aid in the areas of healing and conscious growth, I’ve found angelic wisdom to be like no other. Ultimately, and in my experience, a balance between the two presents the best combination for optimal healing.

What is Divine Healing?

The Practice of Divine Healing that the angels gifted me is based on five principles. Summed up, they require that we take responsibility for our life as it is (that means accepting all of our experiences) and trust in the power we have to change. While this may sound simple, it’s not. Asking a parent to accept the loss of their child or the harm done to us as children or adults (and the list goes on) are among some of the hardest things we will be asked to do. Nevertheless, a life that is complete is based on acceptance, love, purpose, wisdom and truth. And it is from this foundation of inner abundance that we can continually prosper externally and all material ways that we truly do desire (it’s not always about the money).

Especially in these harder times as we experience an unprecedented modern pandemic and are being forced to live and behave differently, we are all facing various challenges. Whether a pandemic or something else, as humans none of us will get away from many of those difficulties that when you are going through them, feel daunting and isolating (job loss, financial loss, illness, death, not being able to say goodbye to a loved one, relationship challenges, uncertainty, lifestyle changes). I’ve experienced all these after losing my child, so it’s been a bit easier for me to adapt to the current pandemic requirements, though no less stress-inducing.

I regularly ask the angels for their assistance from anything as simple as ensuring the safe delivery of a package to finding specific resources when I need them or solutions to problems. It goes without saying they are number one on my list for healing.

While it’s never been my intent to sway minds, I do love learning and sharing and where I can, point people to simpler ways of doing things. Especially people who are struggling with situations that feel beyond their control. Manifesting anything from simple to bigger can be done when we get out of our own way.

In these and any other difficult times we may face, it is imperative that we stay centered and strong in the belief in our own power to live life the way we desire. Just sayin’ – the angels can help.

To assist you further, all mediations from Divine Healing as well as other meditations and informational videos related to trauma, working with the angels in grief (or general) and creating abundance can be found on my Living Meditations channel on YouTube.

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