Mastering Fear in Grief

Universal laws teach that everything in life is orchestrated in divine and right timing. I know it doesn’t always feel this way when we are suffering. It can be difficult to trust that we’re going to be okay when faced with challenge after challenge, which is how it often feels in grief.

Whatever difficulty you may be facing right now, if you are feeling anxious and fearful because doors aren’t opening fast enough or in the way you think they should, do not despair. Here are a couple of things to consider:


1) Whatever you think you need to be doing that is causing you to fear things might not work out the way you want, it may be because you are trying to follow the wrong path, at least for the moment. We aren’t always ready for change. Take a deep breath. Have patience. You will get what you want, but not necessarily in your planned time frame.

I have been shown again and again that the Universe always responds to my desires, even when these desires seem like fleeting thoughts. Those that are true to my heart and set with the best of intention, I always get. And it has ALWAYS been well worth the wait, even when I didn’t understand the delay. Things have ended up better than I imagined. Every. Single. Time.

Remember: there is always more than one person involved in any manifestation process. When you think about it, manifesting is like a beautiful ballet that requires precision steps that are all part of an intricate energy flow, which creates the natural ebb of perfect timing to ensure the best outcome for everyone involved. This includes people we don’t even know are part of the process!

Photo by Julian Paolo Dayag on Unsplash

2) You may be trying to squeeze back into the old you, which is common in grief, but just not possible, especially once you commit to consciously evolve and heal. By conscious, I mean where you choose to heal through increased awareness and the responsibility you accept to no longer remain a victim to any circumstance. You got this!

It is natural to want to fall back into old patterns of thought and behavior when you feel afraid. We all do this. When faced with difficulty, follow your heart. Choices made from the heart will always bring you some measure of relief, even if this means doing nothing for the moment (this is still a choice). Remember, when you can’t see immediate change, it does not mean that change isn’t already happening. All transformation starts during the in-between steps of the dance that is your life. Trust that the answer you seek to any problem will present itself at exactly the right moment as part of the next steps in your journey. Remember, the steps are never the final outcome.

When you feel fearful, taking constructive action is critical to mastering fear. Fill your mind with solution-oriented thoughts. When you do this enough, it won’t be long before you automatically start finding immediate solutions to problems instead of allowing yourself to feel caught up in the chaos and trapped by any situation. Ultimately, the degree of ease with which you overcome any challenge is based on what you choose to think and the action you are willing to take, even if for the moment, this is only changing your thoughts.


Trust that everything will work out, because it will. Pay attention to any nudging you feel to take action or seize opportunities, even when this feels scary. When you know the difference between ego-based desires (they plain feel wrong) and heartfelt ones (they feel impossibly right! ) all action you take will feel effortless, especially if you work with the angels. Their nudging will steer you in the right direction every time.

As an additional resource, you can listen to this short meditation to instantly ease worry and fear related to a specific situation or alleviate prolonged fear in general.