Get Me Started! -a new course for the bereaved

I’m getting super close to launching my new online school and course Get Me Started!. The first in my signature series Beyond Bereavement Your Path to Personal Power. While my school is dedicated to helping anyone heal and transform their life through expanded consciousness, the Beyond Bereavement series has been created for people who have experienced devastating loss. Specifically, people who have had a recent loss or one from years ago that has left them feeling powerless to change their life. (I’ll soon be offering a course similar to Get Me Started! to help people get “unstuck” from where they are and learn to fall in love with themselves again!)

While I never intended to create an online school, the more I’ve embraced the way people are now learning and connecting through online courses and coaching, it’s a natural fit for me. I’ve always been inspired to support others in their personal transformation, both personally and professionally. Having lost a child, the transition to supporting the bereaved fulfills a passion I’ve been committed to for years.

Insufficient resources to help the bereaved

I’ve long felt that there are insufficient resources to help the bereaved, especially in early grief. This hasn’t changed from when I lost my daughter to suicide in 2005. I lacked the support in my early grief to understand what I was going through that I was desperate to find, but couldn’t. This led me to become an author, healing practitioner and now online coach. All of which I do to help people who have experienced devastating loss rebuild their life working with the tools and a healing process that is unique to the bereaved.

Time does not heal all wounds

While many people believe that time heals all wounds, I disagree. Time does not heal all wounds. It’s what we do with the time and the effort we put into our healing that helps us transform. First and foremost, we must truly understand all that we have been through and what our loss has done to us, to know what we need and want to heal.

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As a bereaved mom, I know exactly what it feels like to try to survive what seems like never-ending suffering and come out the other side. And while this course is not a substitute for traditional therapy, it is intended to fill in the major gaps that I discovered were evident in standard treatment approaches without a true understanding of bereavement. Which comes from experience. I’ve heard this from countless bereaved parents. And I suspect it may be the case for those who have suffered other devastating loss.

Heal on your own terms

Whether you want help to just get your day started or you feel ready for bigger changes, through a gentle, step-by-step process, Get Me Started! has been designed to help anyone struggling with devastating loss, heal and rebuild their life on their own terms, at any stage of their bereavement. You will learn how to integrate your loss into your life rather than try to normalize or not acknowledge it at all. Which is often what the bereaved feel forced to do to feel part of mainstream society again.

You’ll learn how to gradually accept the past by deciding what you feel ready to leave behind and get excited about a future you can envision that is aligned with who you really are. You’ll develop the mindset to help you trust you can always create the life you want, regardless of what you have experienced, or your current circumstances may be challenging you to believe, at every stage of your healing.

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Bereavement forces us to live differently

Bereavement forces us to live differently than before. Part of the problem in trying to recover from devastating loss is not knowing who we are anymore, how to let the pain go or what to replace it with. I struggled with this for years.

Having said this, I deeply believe that no one should have to suffer or feel trapped in a life that feels put upon them. But to change what we no longer want, we must revisit all pain associated with our most difficult experiences to discover what we really need and do want to change in our life.

I also know that it takes effort to want even just a little bit more than the pain we’ve become accustomed to. The devastation from any traumatic loss doesn’t only apply to those who have experienced it firsthand. There are countless people who experience many of the same symptoms in their grief after losing an extended family member or close friend. They may feel guilty about or believe they can’t share the pain they’re in simply because they are further removed from the loss. But they’ve lost someone they loved, too. Which makes for a whole lot of pain in this world.

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For those committed to life transformation, it’s a lifelong process. We are always challenging ourselves to learn and evolve. Loss can wipe out any yearning we may have had to want more.

My number one gripe is the inability for the bereaved to just be themselves. While I may be more public than most in sharing my experiences, I do this to give hope to the bereaved that they can heal, with the right tools. I also aim to inform those who want to better support the bereaved.

Knowing the difference between reacting to any situation versus making decisions for our life based on thoughtful consideration and having a carefully crafted plan to get what we need and really want, is key to consistently creating authentic change. Through this course and all of the work that I do, I am committed to helping people discover the life they want and deserve and can feel excited about creating.

Stay tuned. I’ll be sharing more details soon.



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