Lost Your Power? Take Back You!

I’ve been away from blogging for a little while as I find myself going through a somewhat unexpected transformation. I say unexpected because most of my adult life I’ve thrown myself into learning and growth that has always produced positive change. I’m used to it. However, coming off my hardest challenge to date, which has been the suicide of my daughter in 2005, I can admit it’s taken a lot to drum up the energy to go after life with the zest I once had. I no longer always have the motivation or even the physical capability as a bereaved parent to keep up with the former me (which still surprises me, though it shouldn’t).

I’ve found it especially hard to have a reason to keep moving forward and try new things to create a better version of myself that everyone can benefit from. Including me. Which is true for all of us. It’s a win-win for everyone the more we can commit to learning and growing to improve the current version of ourselves.

Now, while all this may sound like a lot of navel gazing, it’s also true that we can’t be of any real value to others if we can’t first find value in ourselves. However, reaching the point where we want to tap into our worth and reclaim our inner power can be challenging, depending on the adversity we are trying to overcome. It can also be frustrating that what one person may succeed at beating in life, we may never.

It’s not about being in competition with each other or even our former self. You know. That self we were before adversity hit us. It’s about recognizing when it’s the proper time to step up and be courageous and have the willingness to start commanding our ship and set sail on calmer waters than what we have been experiencing. Which is super exciting, though a little scary.

How we grow and heal is not radically different from others

Having had my fill of adversity over the last fifteen years, if there’s one thing I’ve discovered and I think many will agree, none of us gets away without having to overcome some type of adversity in life. Whether this is of the disaster-type that can break you, or the more typical hardships all of us endure at one point or another, what we will face and choose to overcome is personal to each of us. And, some people may never choose to heal or grow. The important point is that how we struggle, grow and heal is not radically different from anyone else.

Sure, there are different methods we follow, teachers we learn from and levels of success we will experience. But, if you look back at the past few decades and even the last two centuries; human beings, whether through scientific, philosophical or creative pursuits have always been trying to discover who they are, why they are here and how to be happy. Today, we all still have that same desire to feel complete, know our purpose and feel certain that our lives have meaning.

Are you struggling to stay the course?

If you’re struggling to stay the course right now and move on from adversity, you’re not alone. There are millions of people in this world right now, struggling to overcome something either the same or similar. That is the nature of being human.

However, it’s just as important to acknowledge and remember that whatever you are struggling with isn’t any less important or distressing than what someone else is going through. Even if this is a hundred times worse than what you’d ever want to experience.

We’re all in this together

There is a certain beauty in having this sense of all of us being in this world together struggling to find ourselves. Everyone has pain that must be respected for what it means to them. It’s largely in this way that we can learn to appreciate that what each of us has gone through; is going through or still will face, is equally as significant.

Looking at adversity as an equal opportunity for all of us to gain a truer sense of what we have to offer because of what we have experienced, and the lessons learned that are always worth sharing, is the true value of every person’s life.

Value = hope = inspiration

Understanding our true value gives us hope. From hope comes inspiration and the motivation to conquer our world by knowing we have something worthy to share with others in exchange for something that is of equal value. This could be enjoying a flourishing community and business from the service we have to offer. It could be reaping all of the benefits that an all-around healthier life brings us (including happiness) as a result of the commitment we’ve made to pursue personal growth. This latter that always gives us the opportunities to reclaim our personal power (it feels exciting just thinking about it).

Take back you!

So, how do you take back you when you’ve lost your power? In steps and in a way that feels personal, manageable and gentle, yet where you can still feel confident that you will get the results you want.

As I prepare to open up a whole new world for myself by changing course just a little bit from doing life a certain way for so long, I can’t help but be excited. I’m in the midst of a transformation that I honestly thought I wouldn’t see in my lifetime. That is, truly recovering from the suicide of my daughter. Stay tuned as I regularly share with you my journey unfolding and invite you to go along with me!

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