The Good Griever’s Journey – Part 1

The journey in grief can be long and hard. Though I’ve experienced several losses since the death of my daughter in 2005, including both my parents, none have been as long or difficult to grieve as the death of my child. In my grief, there have been ups and downs and lows and highs, with no guarantee as to how anything in my life would turn out. The only thing I have remained certain of is that grief brings with it a rollercoaster ride of craziness. Where anything goes; nothing stays the same. Everything is constantly changing.

Over the years and in my commitment to heal from the pain of my loss, I’ve encountered a number of experiences. Some good, some bad. Though I wouldn’t want to repeat any of them (because they all challenged me in ways that were difficult), they did lead me to where I am today. Where I feel physically and emotionally the best yet in my parental grief experience, and I am the happiest I have been in a long time. Since before my daughter died, actually.

I have developed enough distance between what I struggled with for years in my earlier grief (and wrote about in my first book Divine Healing and today, where I know firsthand that the methods, tools and resources I’ve relied on in my commitment to become whole are directly responsible for my spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing to date. It is these I want to share with others on the good griever journey and anything else that comes up along the way.

In the fall of 2014, I had to take a break from my passion work to focus on my physical health, which was suffering. Though I had accomplished some wonderful things since 2005, I found that in some ways, I had merely been surviving. While the intellectual and spiritual part of me had grief down pat, I had avoided digging too deep into my trauma and emotional self after losing my child, which is understandable. Trauma is not easy to revisit. Today, I have a much greater understanding of PTSD in grief (having been diagnosed with it in 2014) and the anxiety and stress that accompanies much of grief in general. You can read more about that here.

But it’s not all difficult issues I’ve come to understand. There are many more wonderful things that have and continue to happen in my life as a direct result of my spiritual foundation and love of and work with the angels. I invite you to check out the different categories for information on various topics that may be of interest to you.

Because I always have been and remain passionate about giving a voice to the grieving, I feel it’s time to once again put my voice to work beyond the books I publish and other services  I provide. You can read more about that at It’s exciting to have the opportunity now to help bring positive change to the grief community online.

I know from talking with many other grievers I am not alone in my thoughts and frustrations about the lack of support for and understanding of the needs of grievers in our culture.  Let me know what you think! I welcome all feedback, suggestions and questions as we navigate this path together.