5 Tips to “Do What You Love … Love What You Do!”

Many mornings of late, I have arisen in the dark to start my day, thoroughly enjoying the ambience of soft lighting; the breaking of dawn that brings with it the beautiful ocean view that forms part of the natural vista; the peace and quiet that surrounds me. Most importantly, I enjoy the freedom I have to do what I love and love what I do. Every single day! But hovering in the back of my mind are the memories of when I didn’t have this freedom and I wasn’t enjoying all parts of my day. Of all the manifesting tools at my disposal, I often felt that things weren’t moving fast enough or sometimes even in the direction I wanted to go. It was difficult to stay positive.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do has become part of my daily mantra, but rather than gauge my success based only on tangible results I have created (much of manifestation teaching centres on accumulating material wealth), my interest is in what lies at the heart of manifesting. Which is the guts, confidence, determination, resilience, persistence and faith it takes over the long haul to pursue and live a purposeful life that ultimately, does bring with it the freedom, bounty and contentment we all deserve to enjoy. A life of one’s dreams filled with purpose and passion can be attained by anyone. Not just some lucky people, which is what it seems like when manifestation efforts are aimed solely at the accumulation of material goods and you don’t see sufficient results.

It can be frustrating reading about the success of people who are already living their dream and raking in boatloads of money when you are struggling to get somewhere yourself. We don’t often read about the challenges others have endured or the time it’s taken them to get to the top of their A-game, nor what it takes for them to stay there.

This was a major sticking point for me back in 2007, when a couple of years into my grief as a bereaved mom, I quickly became overwhelmed and discouraged with the manifestation teachings of the day that beyond the affirmation and visualization techniques I already practiced, pumped you up to market and network in ways that I couldn’t manage. The suggested goals were just too lofty for me. Because I could only get so far in any information being presented through courses, books or teleconferences, I thought I was doomed to failure because the effort required to manifest success at the level I thought I wanted and needed (ultimately money and recognition) was not something I could muster. I struggled inwardly with a sense of defeat versus the faith I had and trust in my ability to do what I was meant to do on this planet, despite any setbacks.

Staying the course

Thankfully, my efforts to stay the course and follow my path no matter what have paid off. And while the success I enjoy today may not live up to the standards I once held for myself, the manifestation practice I live by has brought me peace, contentment, opportunities and the ability to live on my own terms. I do what I love and love what I do. Every day! And you can too!

Imagine how it would feel to wake up every morning and choose how your day is going to look? To enjoy the freedom of knowing there is enough? To know that no matter what you choose to do, it is going to be what you love?

Before I share a few tips to help you get started creating the life that you want or to stay on your path, remember:

• No one is an overnight success.
• Manifesting is a purposeful journey in and of itself.
• No one can maintain an upbeat attitude all of the time or experience smooth sailing all the way. Hang onto “that thing” that makes you get back up. Again and again!

Remember too, that creating a purposeful life is not about manifesting bigger and better. It’s about connecting to whatever it is that brings you peace and inner contentment all of the time. Not everyone finds their ultimate purpose or passion at a young age. On the other hand, you might be living yours right now and not even know it! With this in mind:

5 Tips on how to start creating a life where you can “Do What You Love and Love What You Do”

  1. Make a list of what you really enjoy doing or feel passionate about. If your list is too general (i.e. you enjoy helping others and gardening), detail the where, what, when, why and how to identify the specific parts of what it is you enjoy doing and why. Your list may be a combination of hobbies, likes, loves and interests.
  2. Next, narrow your list to your top 5 likes or loves.
  3. Now, think about your three toughest life challenges (this could include something from your childhood). Very generally (i.e. the first thing that pops in your head), think about the major life lesson(s) in each one you would take from the experience today.
  4. Reflecting on points 1 through 3, is there anything you are imagining or dreaming about right now that you would love to do based on immediate insight? No matter how crazy, jot down any ideas as they come to you.
  5. Use this list of ideas as a general blueprint to help you carve out a path for yourself in whatever area calls to you the loudest and longest. Expand and refine this list over time. Remember, this is your list. Your life.

Timing is everything when pursuing a life of your dreams. They need to be realistic, believable and reachable by you, but remember, everything is achievable when pursued in steps. The above exercise is designed to help you get a broader and clearer picture about what you love, want and can do based on setting appropriate goals every step of the way.

Listen to this guided meditation Dissolve All Resistance to Change for an added boost!

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