Angels are 4 Real!

Today, I want to talk about angels. I love angels. I found them in 2005, just a few months before my twenty-two-year old daughter died by suicide. Today, I can truly say the angels are what saved me from myself in my horrendous suffering from my grief, and the big bad world, until I could stand more firmly on my feet. Initially, I studied with a mentor who has now gone on to other things. But I want to be clear, the angels have made an indelible impact on me, to the point I cannot imagine ever abandoning them from my personal life or the work that I publicly do. I am proud to claim angels as a huge part of my daily living and can honestly admit that without them, I don’t know where I’d be today, if even alive.

Whatever your beliefs are about angels – whether that’s questioning their existence, what they look like, whether you can ask them for help, whether they will respond to your call – I can truly say from my heart and all I have learned from my daughter on the other side (what we call the afterlife, but perhaps should call the “ongoing” life); my child who is not just an ethereal being that cannot be fully described or explained sourcing me with information, but my very own daughter who has made countless visits to me through the years ALWAYS to impart Truth and wisdom from her now state of consciousness, I stand by my claim of years ago that not only is ongoing consciousness real, but angels are 4 real too!

Photo by Evie Shaffer

Angels do exist. We sometimes get to see them. They interact with us through a variety of ways and means. I adore them! They are my best friends. My best resources for information. My best support system. And without doubt, they are the fullest expression of love and Truth that I know and have experienced on this earth. The angels, through what I understand and experience as energy that is part of the intelligence that is Source (God under every name), joyously accept a role in helping us learn and express as a spark of that same energy to the degree we can and want to. Besides my daughter’s visits and teaching, they are what have and continue to sustain me as a human going through all my stuff on this planet.

While I was raised a Christian and have fond memories of attending Sunday school, Explorers (a girl’s club like Brownies and where I feel a tad guilty recalling how I spent my weekly dues on candy ahead of each meeting) and church on Easter Sunday, all dolled up in a hat, white gloves and pretty dress my mom had sewn, watching the christening of babies with awe, being part of the Christmas concert (as an angel to boot- once in bright blue leotards); as I got older, I never even thought to question my belief in the existence of heaven and God on his throne, somewhere beyond the big, blue sky.

From my mid-twenties on, which was the beginning of my spiritual exploration, I found room in my heart for both a spiritual practice, where self-responsibility and expanding consciousness were paramount, and my Christian beliefs. I attended Unity Church for years where this dual practice was foundational to the ministry.

Photo by Paul Schafer

I was introduced to angels years later through my sister who had a keen interest in them. For her birthday in December 2004, I bought her a rather lonely looking book on angels that was sitting on a shelf in a bookstore I never went into. Somehow, both that store (one in a major chain) and book drew me in. Enthralled with the information, my sister immediately encouraged me to get it. After reading the book, getting precise answers doing some simple angel card readings and experiencing some strange occurrences that wowed me, I started to think that maybe there was something to this angel thing. More than anything, I was having fun. Little did I know how much that initial purchase of a simple gift for my sister would change my life!

When my daughter died five months later, I questioned everything, not least my belief in angels. All of my spiritual foundation came crashing down around me. Fortunately, through intervention from beyond and concerted efforts on my part over those first several months and years in my grief, I can firmly state that I am where I am today because of my unshakable belief that there is more to life than what we can see and a reason for all things.

Right from the beginning of my efforts to communicate with the angels, all of the answers I sought for the thousands of questions I had for them became clearer the more I gained confidence in my ability to decipher the wisdom coming through in a gentle, patient and loving manner. Today, I remain deeply grateful for the strong spiritual foundation I established early on in my life in what is clear today, was preparation for what was to come. The angels have been a glorious addition to this foundation to make it stronger. By diligently working with them, I have been able to rebuild my life from one of extreme suffering into one that feels vibrant, healthy, positive and loving. Don’t get me wrong. I still have my struggles. But these are related strictly to the physical challenges we all face living in this world. When stuck, I always turn to the angels for guidance.

I am not here to try and convince anyone of the angels’ existence or that they subscribe precisely to my way of understanding, interpreting and knowing angels. But consider this: anything that comes into our existence that feels loving, supportive, helpful, trusting, safe, healing, magnificent, otherworldly, powerful, miraculous, wise and absolute (yep, that’s how communicating with angels feels) just may be the gift that keeps on giving.

Photo by Jess Watters

As a great introduction to angelic energy or to simply escape into the otherworldly for a few minutes, enjoy this guided meditation that takes you on a short exploration through space to meet an angel.

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